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Red dead redemption 2 dynamic theme music

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101 Amazing Little Details in Red Dead Redemption 2

Of all the factors that make the game a unique experience, its sound design tops the list.

However, players rarely seem to realise the fact as everyone is too busy crying about the controls or fawning over the visuals. Audio was always one of the major reasons the first Red Dead Redemption to this day is one of my favourite games ever.

The sequel maintains the standard and in some ways surpasses it. I mean the first time you hear one of your gang members playing a classic tune on a banjo while sitting next to a campfire is understatedly perfect.

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Open world titles, in particular, have a lot of issues when it comes to actually implement the music loop into free roaming. Combat themes occurring too early or lingering long after the fight is done is a common problem. As much as I loved the music in The Witcher 3, it definitely had issues with the in-game portrayal of it.

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It can change from a sombre wandering tone to a bombastic upbeat combat theme without you even noticing. In elongated shootouts, the music even seems like it slowly ramps up in intensity depending on how far into the climax you get. Now for the overall sound design. Despite the sheer amount of noise going simultaneously, it never sounds muddled or loses definition.

So many games just turn up the bass so everything rumbles and sounds muddy — the original Gears of War trilogy was the worst for this.

Wood creaks realistically, walking through foliage is rustling. Stagecoaches are appropriately rickety.

Rivers streams flow softly in the background. Ride past an oil refinery and you can hear the thunderous machinery metronomically working away.

Rain is.


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