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God of war 4 walkthrough part 16

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Chapter begins from fight with Cerberus and a group of prisoners. Kill the smaller enemies and then defeat Cerberus fragile to your Amulet. After that, go to an arc remained of the gate and use Amulet.

God of War walkthrough, guide and tips for the PS4 Norse mythology adventure; god of war 4 walkthrough part 16

Go into a created way and keep near the right wall. You find stairs leading to red chest and white one with Gorgon Eye. If you collected all previous ones, you should have twenty of them - there is no more. In the next white chests which should contain Gorgon Eye you find red orbs. After returning to the main path, go to its end and look to an alley on left.

Then go right and turn left to a building surrounded with grills.

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When the cut scene ends return from the edge. You'll see two chests and an open gate on left.

But before you go through it, head for a building behind the chests. In front of it you find an Orkos' Cloak.

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Now go through the gate. You'll fight an Empusa.

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Avoid its poisoning cloud. Use an Amulet if it doesn't stop spamming it. Empusa is agile but her attacks have short range.

Keep her at maximum range of your Blades and stun with combos. After.


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