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This is probably the beginning to the man we know in God of War 4.

It was his attempt to heal what he destroyed throughout the game as he ended the Greek pantheon. Art was done by shalizah7. The amount of remorse he has is a little hard to calculate though.

god of war fans think they've found its final undiscovered secret

How much of it is about protecting Atreus versus actual regret? He does not want Atreus to become a monster like he was.

How much do you think I'll enjoy god of war? How good is Expect a visually pleasing game with a compelling story that will suck you in. You'll. God Of War on PS4 is a "soft" reboot. It is a continuation of Kratos' story from the original games, but the gameplay and visuals are entirely new. I know the new God of War is fairly different from the previous ones and is God of War – The Story So Far: Beginning of Vengeance – Part 1. Of course, it didn't feel detached from the storyline, it was great on those *disclaimer: I never played much of the older God of War games.

He seems to have concluded to just not mess with gods. That seems like a good conclusion since his worst mistake was making a deal with Ares and then probably Athena.

God Of War Players Find Its Final Secret Disappointing, So They're Still Looking

With that in mind, there are probably not going to be deals with any Norse gods in the future. We are sticking to deals with plain mythical figures like Mimir and the dwarves.

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Kratos has seen all the corruption and bad things gods can do. Even when he was a god, he would probably be the first to admit he was not a good one.

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This lesson that I hoped to pass on to [my son]: Some may see this as Kratos running away from his problems, but who can blame him? From the previous games, we know that Kratos is capable of sea travel.

God of war ps4 story reddit, best of 2018: how god of war hides its big story reveals in plain sight

Was starting over on his mind? How do you start over after all that trauma?

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