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Loki in god of war 4

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Apr 20,, From Atreus' origins to God of War's ending, here's the story of God of to the events in Norse mythology wherein Loki orchestrated Baldur's. Apr 5,, We're about to talk about about the God of War ending so obviously making Atreus half god and half giant, and with another name: Loki.

God of War - which could have been called God of War 4 - not only pits Kratos and his son Atreus against the gods, creatures, and mystical settings of Norse Mythology, but it embeds them within it. Allow us to explain how the best rated PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War plays out.

God of War's Ending Reveals Atreus is Actually Loki, CBR

The Stranger we quickly learn is seemingly invincible, feels no pain, and is a Norse god. He's the main antagonist of sorts who's after Kratos the entire game.

We eventually learn that he's actually Baldur, a son of Odin of Norse mythology. She's Freya, another key figure of Norse mythology. Freya was the wife of Odin.

We now know this is because these arrows can kill Baldur. The Death of Baldur and Freya's Curse Freya may have burned Atreus' arrows but there's still mistletoe on Atreus' quiver that Baldur comes into contact with when punching Atreus.

Loki in god of war 4, best of 2018: how god of war hides its big story reveals in plain sight

Later in this final battle with Baldur, Kratos beats him but Atreus convinces Kratos to let him go. Baldur then confronts his mother, Freya, lambasting her for interfering with his life and cursing him.

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He tells her he'll never forgive her and she seems willing to die to make it right. Baldur attacks, strangling Freya, and Kratos steps in to end the "cycle" proclaiming that he "must be better" and snaps Baldur's neck, thinking he was doing the right thing.

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But Freya wanted to die.


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