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Buy 's PS4-exclusive, God of Warhas received widespread critical acclaim. Among its many achievements is the way it brought nuance to protagonist Kratos, a character that many would argue had simply served as an avatar for rage and bloodthirsty fury up until that point.

God of War III is an action-adventure hack and slash video game developed by Santa Monica GameTrailers said that God of War III's storyline makes Greek mythology more interesting. GameFront's Phil Hornshaw said it had an overly cruel Release‎: ‎March 16,

In the pseudo-reboot, however, Kratos takes on the responsibility of fatherhood and, in doing so, is forced to make decisions that put his son, Atreus, before himself. Spoilers for God of War follow. One such moment sees him return to using the Blades of Chaos, the iconic weapons from previous games that he used to carve a bloody path through the pantheon of Greek gods as part of a crusade for vengeance.

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The extended scene during which he travels home to dredge up a past he hoped would remain buried is powerful for what it represents, but it almost was left out of the game due to technical and design challenges. In the first episode of GameSpot's new show Audio Logs, God of War director Cory Barlog discusses the issues that developer Sony Santa Monica faced when bringing the Blades of Chaos to the new God of War, which swapped the isometric and side-on whom make god of war of the classic series for a more cinematic, behind-the-shoulder viewpoint.

We didn't do the blades until probably the last year [of development]," he explained. Seeing it from an isometric view, seeing it from a side view, you get a better view of the line of action.

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We really had to figure out how to take the old moves and make them work much better in this camera angle. After all, Sony Santa Monica's original vision for the game wasn't one that cast aside Kratos's brutal history and the questionable morals of his previous actions, but one that embraced them to show his evolution as a person.

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They were something he wanted to get rid of, but would have to go back to them, he'd have to put them on, and he'd do that for his son. That was part of his growth.


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