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Artifacts in Helheim When can be obtained: During "The Sickness". The first artifact is at the beginning of the realm, on the right, in the corner.

The second artifact is behind two statues - you find it after you destroy the branches in the way. During your visit to Helheim with Atreus.

Where to find the Family Heirloom Artifacts in God of War, AllGamers

Another artifact is near the hidden chamber. During the visit to Helheim with Atreus.

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Another artifact is in the hidden chamber, next to the red chest. Legendary Chests in Helheim When can be obtained: You cannot miss the first legendary chest - it is right next to the roots blocking the way.

God of War – Helheim Collectible Locations

During the spontaneous sojourn into Helheim. To reach the second legendary crate, you have to guide Winds of Hel through several orbs, up to the stone gate near the realm exit.

To reach the second legendary crate, you have to smash the red crystal under the bridge. Odin s Ravens in Helheim When can be obtained: The first Raven is in the temple fragments - right over the green circle near the entrance.

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The second Raven is near the collapsed platform on which you had to fight enemies. The third Raven is close to the previous one - to the right of the collapsed arena.

God of war helheim world tree sap - where to find the family heirloom artifacts in god of war

After you return to Helheim with Atreus. This Raven is behind the gate with red crystals - it is over the red chest.

The fifth Raven is near the passage to Valkyrie. The sixth Raven is in the Valkyrie's chamber.

God of War: All Helheim Chest Puzzle Solutions (God of War 4)


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