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‘God of War’s Biggest Easter Eggs and Hidden Secrets

God of war 4 end reddit, 13 reasons why you need to play god of war’s new game+ mode, out today

Added the secret Muspelheim Tower treasure Update 24 April: Added in Niflheim guide. God of War is an awesome action game with a breathtaking story and really fun combat mechanics. The best offence is a good defence.

This timeless rule applies here. If you parry at the right time, you get to recover first and counterattack.

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So practice the timing and get the frames down pat in the first few hours. After a few hours when the game throws even more enemies at you, the parry animation works to your advantage because its range affects enemies in front of you.

The down d-pad button is your best friend.

In God of War, you will get a lot of indicators popping up to warn you if an enemy is going to attack you from the back. This is where you press down on the d-pad and then guard the attack.

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When all else fails, press X to dodge. Everything else can be blocked, parried, and reflected. This is where enemies will take a cheap shot at you.

Spam your Lights and Heavies away! Never back yourself into the corner. There is nothing as frustrating as being mobbed by 3 unflinching draugrs and reavers and not being able to dodge out of the way.

There's no thread to discuss this surprisingly so I thought I'd make one because I kinda want some answers. At the end with see Atreus is Loki. Hi everyone, I can't seem to find any answer to my question: after completing the main story and you go on to finish the remaining "side quests". In Norse mythology Loki isn't directly related to the gods. God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa.

Be sure.


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