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God of war alfheim walkthrough part 13

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God of War 4 Gameplay Walkthrough

Purple Language Cipher Chests not tracked: On your first visit, some paths described here will be unavailable because they only open up after having finished this region.

Behind a corner is the purple chest. A very short walk from the last collectible.

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Right Island — We are now moving on to the central lake. Get in your boat and proceed until you get to a big lake with a circular structure in the distance that has a beam of light shooting into the sky. There are two islands in this lake, one on the right, one on the left. Here you must go to the far right side of the lake and dock at a hidden island.

god of war – alfheim collectible locations

The Nornir chest is at the end of the island after using a lever to open a gate. Hit the three that make a sound in quick succession.

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Then the gate will raise. Quickly shoot the other pink vegetation at the top of the gate.

You must do this in quick succession before the gate is being lowered again. Behind it awaits the Realm Tear and also the next Artefact.

There you will see more of the pink glowing vegetation 3 total. Line up the glowing dots and throw the axe at them. You must hit all 3 simultaneously.

Then the vegetation goes away, thus leaving behind an artefact. Now that you got rid of the pink vegetation, a secret tunnel will be revealed on the side of the island, by the beach where the 3 glowing pink dots of vegetation used to be. Turn the wheel at the back of the room, then wait for the 3 glowing dots to line up and throw the axe at them, so they all 3 are being destroyed at the same time.

Left Island — Get back in your boat.

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Dock your boat at its sandy beach. Have Atreus shoot them with blue elven arrows. Inside hidden chamber, on the left side of the room.

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